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Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr


Welcome to my creative world!


"For the Love of Plaid" is the first of multiple creative workshops designed with delight and devotion by Albena from Albena Cake Design. 


Inspired by the beautiful tartan, a pattern with infinite variations and meanings, this workshop has been designed to improve and develop the capacity of execution of various techniques on cake decorating. 


Albena will teach you step by step how to recreate this fascinating romantic yet vivid plaid out of sugar. How to be able to create a fabric effect out of fondant.

From the comfort of your homes you will be able to work together with Albena and earn about her creative process, have fun, be curious, and most importantly unleash your own creativity. 

How it works


After you register and pay you will receive a confirmation email with a list of all tools and materials necessary for the class. 

Please note: Since the workshop has been designed as a creative one, you could either follow my colour scheme or feel free to choose and work with your own. Simply choose the colors you like. 

The total duration of the class will be 4 hours divided by two sessions, each of two hours. There will be 10 min. break after the first two hours for any needs.


The last 15 min of the workshop will be for Q&A when Albena will answer if you have any questions.  


  • All the designs will be taught on cake dummies, but all learned techniques could be definitely applied to real cakes.



Brief introduction

          Covering the dummies with fondant (panel covering)


          Create beautiful fabric effect out of fondant


Design and apply the plaid template

All about royal icing (recipe included) 

Colors and color combinations 

Applying the plaid pattern on the fondant



  •  This workshop has been designed in order to show the main techniques and how to apply them in the four-hour time frame.

  • Due to the elaborative nature of the project time might not be enough for full completion of the project. It might have to be fully completed by the student after the workshop as their homework. 


For all of those who would like to share: Albena will be delighted to receive photos of your completed cakes and also will be happy to share them on her social media with full credit to the student.






1. Cake dummies (square) 8” x 3” high x 3 –stacked and covered with shortening

                                        6” x 3” high x 3 - stacked and covered with shortening


Please note: The requested sizes and shapes above are as per the original project. 

If you cannot find the same for the workshop, DO NOT WORRY! Simply choose whatever is available in your area or choose as per your creative vision. If you are choosing your own dummy combination IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that once you stacked them there is enough Hight (at least 8” –9“) so to be able to execute the design. 


 2. Red and black fondant


Please note: Since the workshop has been designed as a creative one you could either follow the original colour scheme or feel free to choose and work with your own. Simply choose the colors you like. 


3. Royal Icing:  Must be prepared in advance, well covered with a damp cloth and ready for the class.

      Please find the recipe at the end of the list of tools and materials 


4. Gel or powder edible colors:  Black; Buttercup (or light yellow) sky blue; green

Please note: The requested colors above are as per the original project. 

Since the workshop has been designed as a creative one you could either follow the original colour scheme or feel free to choose and work with your own. Simply choose the colors you like. 

5. Shortening

6. Small container with water




1. Ruler

2. Pencil

3. Rolling pin regular

4. Rolling pin for fettucine (see picture at the end of the list) OR any textured sheet with straight lines

5. Piping bags- 5 bags

6. Piping tips #1 - 6 tips

7. Standard coupler sets - 5

8. Scalpel or x-act knife

9. Dresden tool

10. Soft brush for water application

11. Containers for color mixing - 5 containers

12. Teaspoons OR small spatulas for color mixing - 5 teaspoons

13. A small cake board or mat or flat dish for trying the royal icing piping before applying on the cake. (optional)

14. Fettucine Rolling Pin







If you have any questions about the list of tools and materials or regarding the overall information about this workshop, please email me at albenacakedesignlab@gmail.com prior to the workshop. 



Royal Icing Recipe


5 tablespoons (45g) meringue powder (found in cake decorating stores)

3 ounces (85g) water

1pound (454g) confectioner’s sugar - SIFTED


1 large egg white at room temperature

½ teaspoon (3 g) cream of tartar

2 teaspoons (8 g) water (if the icing seems dry)

1pound (454 g) confectioner’s sugar - SIFTED



Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat at slow speed with the paddle attachment until stiff peaks form and the icing becomes pure white.

TIP: If you don’t use the icing immediately, place a damp cloth over the bowl to prevent it from drying.

It is not necessary to re-beat the icing. In fact, overbeating can break down the strength of it and make it runny. 


RECOMMENDED: It is best is to make the Royal icing immediately before using. 
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